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Lancaster Business Park

When we purchased our property on North Lancaster, the area was in need of some TLC (tender loving construction). As a company who strives for improvement through hard work, we ambitiously created the North Lancaster Business Park which is now home to multiple successful businesses. Scroll to the right to see our progress.


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Shepherds Crossing Apartments

With imagination and innovation infuse in every square foot, we created beautiful apartments for the residents of Salem to enjoy. Located right next Lancaster Dr., they are merely away from the nearest convenient store.

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Keizer Metro Apartments

Improving the Salem/Keizer area one doorstep at a time, we created beautiful apartments on river road with with area designated for commercial business.

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Keizer Metro

Chemawa Garden Apartments

Swipe left to see our magic. Chemewa Garden Apartments is a little gem tucked away inside the friendly neighborhood of Keizer, Oregon. We’re always proud of work well done. 


Have you seen the Clutch Industries logo posted on construction sites lately? That's because we are working daily to complete more projects for Salem. Scroll below to see what we've been up to.

Cherry Garden Apartments

Verda Crossing